Silat Exchange

Silat students from USA can travel to Indonesia, Brunei, Malaysia, or Singapore to train in Silat of their interest. In addition to learning silat, students can learn the following:

  • Traditional local arts such as kendang penca, or batik design in Indonesia
  • Spirituality aspect of silat
  • Learn local dialect
  • Healing aspect of silat

Benevolent Assistance

This program will be used to offer individuals scholarships for learning pencak silat. The scholarship could be used for tuition to a specific pencak silat school in the USA or used for pencak silat seminars.

Charitable Giving

This program will used to offer financial assistance for pencak silat schools within the USA. The financial assistance will be used for the school’s marketing or pay for lease/utilities. In order for a school to receive financial assistance they have to meet certain qualifications that include being a member of the USA Silat Federation.